December 7, 2010

What is #1 for Stockbrokers?

I came across a great article today which is exactly what I have been saying for years.  Below is the headline. 

What's No. 1 for Brokers?
Right now, securities firms don't have to put investors' interests first.  New regulations may change that—and Wall Street isn't happy..

For those of you who have read my blog or book, this comes as no surprise but for those that haven't, I hope the title is a little shocking.  You can read the entire article here

Bottom line is that stockbrokers do not have to put their clients interests first, yes, you read that correctly and is why I have been pounding the table encouraging investors to learn how to invest for themselves.

Its actually quite easy and you'll know that the person who is handling your money is the person who cares about it the most, YOU!

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  1. It is hard for me to believe that stockbrokers and financial advisors aren't required by law to put the interest of clients first. Amazing!!!!!!!!