February 8, 2012

How Spock Would Invest

I'd like to think that Spock would have made a great investor.  Why?

Simply because his unfailing logic would force him to look at the options and make the right choice.

Choice #1 - pay someone else to 'manage' your money and skim 1-2% off the top every year regardless of how they compare to the market averages

Choice #2 - 'manage' your account by trading constantly, making moves based on the daily news, buying into newsletters that claim they have the 'picks' you need to beat the market and/or buying some crazy software for thousands of dollars that can help you beat the market

Choice #3 - dollar cost average buy into a very low fee diversified ETF or mutual fund as often as you can

Spock would have no problem figuring out that the logical choice is #3.  He knows that simple strategy will have his portfolio in the top 10-15% of all investors and will have achieved it without spending valuable time, money or stress.


  1. Great analogy. Spock was/is logical and would never spend a cent on a financial adviser. Just sayin'

  2. Man I love it. Same philosophy as Warren Buffett whos buy and hold strategy flies in the face of advisors who need to have money in motion to make $$$.

  3. TRUE, every word. I have been dollar cost averaging for a long time and have done very well.