February 23, 2012

The INVESTING OPINION enewsletter now open to public

Until recently, Scott Barclay's eNewsletter was only available to a select group of former clients but it  is now available to the public.  

The INVESTING OPINION and has been hailed as the best new newsletter having called the top in stocks in October 2007 and the bottom in March 2009.  We told subscribers to sell equities and go to cash in October 2007 and to stay in cash until October 2008 at which time we suggested it was time to start dollar cost averaging back into equities. 

The INVESTING OPINION favors a modified buy and hold strategy (buy and hold with periods holding only cash) and is suitable for investors with considerably assets.  This is not for traders or those looking to get rich quick.  We don't sell investments.  We don't sell insurance.  We don't sell anything!  We don't have an agenda.  Instead, investors will be told;
  • when to buy
  • when to sell
  • when to dollar cost average
  • what percentage in equities and fixed income
ONLY $295 for an entire year of great information!

February 8, 2012

How Spock Would Invest

I'd like to think that Spock would have made a great investor.  Why?

Simply because his unfailing logic would force him to look at the options and make the right choice.

Choice #1 - pay someone else to 'manage' your money and skim 1-2% off the top every year regardless of how they compare to the market averages

Choice #2 - 'manage' your account by trading constantly, making moves based on the daily news, buying into newsletters that claim they have the 'picks' you need to beat the market and/or buying some crazy software for thousands of dollars that can help you beat the market

Choice #3 - dollar cost average buy into a very low fee diversified ETF or mutual fund as often as you can

Spock would have no problem figuring out that the logical choice is #3.  He knows that simple strategy will have his portfolio in the top 10-15% of all investors and will have achieved it without spending valuable time, money or stress.