August 23, 2012

Almost Buy And Hold

If you are like most investors, you've tried pretty much every strategy there is to make money in the stock market.

I hope you have come to the conclusion that trading is a waste of time and money and alot easier on paper than in the real world.

So you've decided, ok that's it, I'll just buy and hold, since most of the stocks I sold before are higher today.  You're getting warmer :)

No, the truth is that the best 'strategy' for making money in the stock market is somewhere close to buy and hold but not to the point of buying, hoping and putting your head in the sand.

The secret is threefold:
  • buy quality individual stocks, funds or exchange traded funds
  • dollar cost average, that is buy more with time
  • buy and hold but with exceptions
By exceptions, I mean buy and hold but occasionally, it makes sense to sell and stay away for awhile.  Buy back sometime in the future.  That doesn't mean sell today and buy back later in the day or even next week (that is trading and all traders lose money).  It means buy and hold but use your common sense and sell occasionally all the way to cash.  This gives you a fresh outlook, I promise.

The problem is when to buy back in and admittedly that's tough to know.  It does take some market savvy.  The newsletter INVESTING OPINION is designed to help you (and your financial guy, if you have one) decide when might be a good time to sell, when might be a good time to dollar cost average and when might be a good time to buy back in.

The INVESTING OPINION is your second set of eyes and ears on the market.  As the PGA slogan says, these GUYS are GOOD!