December 31, 2012

2013 Prognostications Are Useless

OK, this is the time of the year to both look back and look forward.  I love the 'best of' lists that look back.  I hate the prognostications that look forward.  Maybe it's because there is no accountability.

You will see every brokerage firm and finance guy with an eye to 2013 giving you his/her best ideas or best stock picks for the upcoming year.  Have you ever seen a recap of how that guy/gal did over the previous year?  NO.  And you won't.

I get it, it's fun.  Just don't take it seriously and do not change your investment plan because of it.  Alot of times these predictions are made so you will change investments around which create commissions, get it?

I write an investing newsletter called the INVESTING OPINION and yes, I make predictions too but I am accountable and I compare myself with the market averages all the time so you can see how I rate.  I'll bet your stockbroker or financial advisor cannot say the same!

Do yourself a favor and check your account versus the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones and see if what you are paying for is worth it.  Just sayin'.