January 2, 2013

JP Morgan Individual Stock Picks Versus The Market

Watching CNBC on the last trading day of 2012 and they showed JP Morgan 2013 stock picks.  I couldn't help but think that this list looks alot like buying the entire market so here are their picks along with prices the morning of 1/2/2013.  So often we see analyst individual stocks picks before the market opens when a stock reported great news.  This creates a fake price which no one could have got so here are the real prices after the market opened as if you were buying them and compared with a few market based ETF's.
Boeing (BA) - 76.93
Bank of America (BAC) - 11.96
Capital One (COF) - 60.05
McDonalds (MCD) - 90.21
Visa (V) - 155.71
Apple (AAPL) - 547.76
Ebay (EBAY) - 52.28
Whole Foods (WFM) - 92.42
Starbucks - (SBUX) - 54.51
Target (TGT) - 58.34
Vanguard Total Market (VTI) - 74.65
Schwab Market (SCHB) - 35.04

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can do many things to increase your ability to invest well but #1 is to invest on your own.  Keep up with this post, I will monitor and provide updates below.