July 14, 2009

Warren Buffett

I blog, write and speak about investing all the time. One common theme is that very few can beat the S&P 500 with any consistency so why try. Buy the S&P via an ETF or no load mutual fund and forget it, you will end up beating 91% of investors and save a fortune on fees.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the name Warren Buffett who is one of the rare individuals / institutions that have beaten the S&P 500 with some consistency. If you like him, and its hard not too, you are in luck, you can invest side by side with Warren Buffett by owning his companies shares (Bershire Hathaway) which is listed at the NYSE as brk-a and brk-b.

Let Warren Buffett do the heavy lifting for you.

BTW, WB obviously has a vested interest in his companies shares but it is interesting to note that he buys US treasuries for his personal account.

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