August 11, 2009

Chevy Volt

Ok, I know this is an investing blog and not car & driver but hear me out. If the Chevy Volt can deliver on its claim of 230 mpg and zero gas usage until 40 miles, that is a game changer. Period.

I never advocate single issue stock trades but I must say that this could make GM a winner. Its a good thing you can't buy GM stock today or I would be tempted, yes, I know there is a pink sheet version but thats not tempting.

A car that gets 230 mpg is a game changer like the computer in 1975 or the Internet in 1994. I knew we could do it, interesting that it took america this long but I won't get political. This will affect car companies, oil companies, suppliers and many other companies. There will winners and losers but in a good way, this is innovation and technology and only time will tell which stocks and investments will gain from this but I can certainly tell you one thing, this is good for America.

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