November 19, 2009

Lower fees = money in your pocket

I have always said that fees are everything.  Here is a marketing piece from Vanguard.  I am not a shill, nor do I work with or for them but I do like their mutual funds and exchange traded funds (etf's) largely because they are the lowest cost, period.

Its hard to read but this is the comparison of $50,000 invested over twenty years in two funds, both with returns of 8%.  The high-cost fund has fees of 1.19% compared with 0.20% for the low-cost fund.  You can see the difference is almost $40,000, which is money in your pocket!!!

Now I know you like your stockbroker but you are paying him and his firm a ridiculous amount of money for the exact same product.  If you like him so much, buy him a car because thats about what you are paying.

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