February 24, 2010

Productivity and Your Finances

Too many people spend too much time on their personal finances, whether its rebalancing their 401k, talking to guy down the hall about a hot stock or worst of all, trading stocks.

This is wasted productivity, not only for the employer but for the employee since every study on the subject conclusively proves that the more time messing around with your finances lowers your returns.

Passive investing beats managed investing all the time. 

90%+ of professional money managers cannot beat the S&P 500 so quit paying them fees for nothing.

Moral of the story, leave your 401k alone, dont trade stocks, dont try to beat the market.  Get back to work because that 15-20 minutes everyday adds up, in fact, it works out to be a difference in productivity of plus (or minus) of 6%.

If your an employer and your employee asks for a 6% raise because they want to trade stocks on your time, would you say, yeah sure, no problem, of course not.  But thats what you are doing by not addressing this problem.

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