July 2, 2010

The Market Is Like a Yo Yo (and thats good)

Ok, its now July and the first half of the year is in the books and the stock market is down over 7%.  Thats not so great.  Its worse if you paid some financial 'professional' some percentage or fee for those same results.

The stock market is like a yo yo and very long term, its like a yo yo you are holding while going up stairs.  No one likes the downturns but they are necessary for you to make money (as long as you have been dollar cost averaging).

Just keep picturing yourself closer to retirement closer to the top of the stairs having reaped the benefits of long term investing, not being sucked in to short term trading scams or get rich quick schemes.

Stay focused and you will get there.


  1. What a great blog, I just came across it today, good stuff. I just ordered your book, how long until I get it?

  2. Thanks Armand - your book will be mailed today and i just emailed you an eBook.