November 30, 2010

Crazy Predictions

I just finished reading another crazy prediction from a so called investment professional.  This is really getting old.  One day a guy says the Dow is going to 5000.  The next day, another guy says the Dow is poised to go as high as 20000. 

I'm pretty sure they make these outrageous predictions to get some press, which they sure seem to.  No wonder I haven't sold as many books as I'd like :) 

No crazy predictions here, just good solid rational thinking.  Advice without an agenda.

It's really hard not to get caught up listening to all the noise so as Nike doesn't say, just don't do it :)

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  1. Just read this blog, its a little dated now but the song remains the same. Who was that idiot who predicted dow 36000 in the late 90's and it now calling for dow 5000?

  2. His name is Harry Dent. Ironically has never been right but has made a fortune selling books. Here I am, rarely wrong and can't give away books :) Its all about marketing I guess!