April 13, 2011

Dow 2000, No Wait, Dow 25000

Don't get me wrong, predictions for the stock market are warranted and welcome but only rational predictions which doesn't seem to be the norm, instead....

One day, its armageddon and you should sell, Dow Jones going to 2000!

Next day, all is well and you should buy, Dow Jones going to 25000!

Being a former stockbroker and now author, I know and you probably do too what these maniacs are doing.  They are trying to create some kind of buzz in order to sell books.  Ugghhh!  Shameless!

Do yourself a favor, turn off the tv when these guys are talking, do not read the articles and most importantly, do not buy what they are selling, figuratively and literally. 

If you are looking for simple and common sense advice, read this blog, go back and read older blog posts, all good stuff I know will help you.

If you need someone to chat with regarding investments, I will make time and am available for remote coaching which won't break the bank.  Talk to you soon!

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