July 25, 2011

Stock Market Volatility, Debt and DC

As the folks in Washington, try to work out a deal on the debt, I was curious as to what the Wall Street strategists have to say so I checked around and you know what I found?

The same old drivel, the stock market will be volatile and you're investments should be diversified.  Really?  No kidding.

Diversification is a given, everyone knows not put all your eggs in one basket.

Volatility is what the Wall Street boys say when they have no idea what to say (which is the bulk of the time) so what are you supposed to do as an investor with that kind of insight?


This underscores my point that it is virtually impossible to beat the simple S&P 500 and why over 90% of supposed financial professionals fail to do so.

And since that is the point, why do you listen to Wall Street anyway?

Are you paying for that advice?  You shouldn't be, that's for sure.

Do you know what a fee of 'only' 1% over an investing lifetime is a fortune is costing you?

You can do this by yourself, you can and you should.

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