September 6, 2011

Investing Advice or Education

After you have decided you'd like to invest your hard earned money, next question is what to invest in, what to do.  You could watch CNBC all day and listen to the talking heads discuss trading but not much on investing.

Or you could call a stockbroker who is very eager to help you with your investments. Stockbrokers are only too happy to offer investing advice for a fee!

The problem with investment advice is that you will slowly become dependent.

Investment education is different.  Once you have educated yourself to become financially literate, not at a PhD level, just literate, you will have liberated yourself.

It is hard to take advantage of an educated investor.

Educating yourself is easy too and well worth the very small amount of time it takes. Read this blog and others.  Go to yahoo finance or google finance and just read.

Email me if you have any questions too.

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